Game#8 – Wild fight through unclear chess positions

unclear chess positions are hard to navigate.

King’s Indian Defense – French Defense [C00]

Unclear chess positions can be very double-edged. Sometimes It’s hard to know who is really better since there are chances for both sides. So what do you do when things look dynamically equal for you and your opponent? First, make sure to put your pieces on good squares. This is true during any game but it becomes more important when the position is unclear. Second, try to improve the scope of your pieces. Ideally, this means trading off your bad pieces for his good pieces where possible. Lastly, always look for your opponents threats. Often times, a single move can be the difference between winning and losing as it almost was here…

Takeaways: Game#8 – Working through unclear chess positions

  1. Beware of tactical threats. I got lucky that my opponent didn’t see a winning knight fork. I need to spend more time looking at the game from his pespective.
  2. Recognize mate patterns. 31. Rd7 was mating. Taking on d8 wins too but this was an obvious mate I should have seen. More thoughtful analysis was needed here.