Positional chess problems #1 – King placement

I love playing the King’s Gambit. It’s a great opening for those who want to overwhelm their opponent with tactics and piece development. There are plenty of positional chess ideas too. One of the downsides of playing the King’s Gambit is the critical decision on where to put your king. The position below is one such example. It’s from a correspondence game played on Chess.com.

Positional chess problem.

I just played 10. Qxe4 and realized that Black might hit me with Bh4+. This is an interesting intermezzo as it forces my King to move and disrupts castling. The question is: Where to put the king? This is not a computer tactics problem so don’t put the position on a computer. Analyze it. Where does White put his king and what are the ramifications of the move? It is a tough positional chess problem. Take some time to look at it and post your comments below. If you give up, click the Answer below.

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