Power Fritz 18 review

Power Fritz 18 has generated significant buzz in the chess community, promising to be a game-changer in the world of chess software. As an avid chess enthusiast, I decided to delve deep into its features, user interface, and overall performance to provide a comprehensive review for fellow players.

Installation and Setup

The initial impression of any software often begins with the installation process. Power Fritz 18 pleasantly surprised me with its straightforward installation wizard. The process was quick and intuitive, ensuring that even users with limited technical knowledge could set it up effortlessly. The software is compatible with various operating systems, making it accessible to a wide audience.

User Interface

Navigating through Power Fritz 18 is a seamless experience. The user interface is clean, intuitive, and aesthetically pleasing. The well-organized menus and toolbars make it easy for users to access the features they need. The layout strikes a balance between simplicity for beginners and advanced options for seasoned players, catering to a diverse audience.

Power Fritz 18

The screen is a bit busy though. Power Fritz occupies the leftmost graphic with Playchess and Online Apps taking up the center and right side of the screen. There’s nothing wrong with Chessbase presenting its online offerings, but I would prefer the UI focus primarily on Fritz with a smaller portion for other applications.

Feature Set

One of the standout features of Power Fritz 18 is its extensive range of tools and functionalities. The software boasts an updated and powerful chess engine, providing accurate analysis and recommendations for players of all skill levels. As part of my evaluation, Chessbase was nice enough to send me Powerbook 2023, an opening book (image below) of 25 million opening positions which helps the chess engine play the most current opening theory but it can also be used to compare your own games to the latest theoretical trends.

Power Fritz 18 review

The training mode is a gem for those looking to improve their skills. The interactive lessons, puzzles, and practice games cover a wide range of chess concepts, making it a valuable resource for both beginners and advanced players. Additionally, the software offers the ability to analyze and learn from historical games, providing insights into the strategies of chess legends.

Friend Mode

Friend mode is a great way for new players to challenge their chess abilities. There are a range of settings starting with Beginner (700 ELO) to Master Candidate (2200 ELO). I opted for something closer to my playing strength which is The Experienced Club Player.

Power Fritz 18 review

The game starts with the computer taking an average of about 3-30 seconds per move. At the top left of your screen is a toolbar that gives you the following options: resign, offer draw or J’adoube, which in tournament chess refers to adjust a piece, but here, it’s a fancy word for taking back a move.

Power Fritz 18 review

The Hint feature is a little more robust than you might expect. When you click it, the following graphic pops up:

Power Fritz 18 review

Note that the advice is vague but you can click any of the other buttons to see where you are being attacked or what Fritz is planning. It’s a very helpful feature.

Clicking the Suggestion button asks Fritz to show what the best move is – no other option, just a green arrow that selects the piece and where it should move to.


In terms of performance, Power Fritz 18 lives up to its promises. The chess engine is fast and efficient, delivering quick and accurate analyses even in complex positions. The software’s ability to utilize multiple processor cores ensures optimal performance on modern hardware, making it suitable for both casual players and serious competitors.

The real-time analysis feature is a game-changer during live play. Power Fritz 18 provides instant feedback, highlighting mistakes and suggesting improvements, allowing users to learn and adapt on the fly. This feature is especially valuable for those looking to sharpen their skills in competitive online environments.

Database and Opening Preparation: Power Fritz 18’s database management and opening preparation tools are commendable. The software allows users to create and manage their databases efficiently. The integrated opening book is regularly updated, reflecting the latest trends in chess theory. The comprehensive opening tree and analysis tools empower players to refine their opening repertoire and stay ahead of the competition.

Conclusion: In conclusion, Power Fritz 18 stands out as a powerful and versatile chess software. Whether you’re a beginner looking to learn the basics or an advanced player seeking a tool for in-depth analysis and preparation, this software has you covered. The user-friendly interface, extensive feature set, and top-notch performance make it a valuable asset for chess enthusiasts at all levels. Power Fritz 18 is a worthy investment for anyone looking to elevate their chess game.


  • Intuitive user interface
  • Powerful chess engine
  • Comprehensive training tools
  • Real-time analysis during live play
  • Robust database management and opening preparation features


  • The chess engine tournament feature is incomplete. Setting up a static position and having one computer play the other say, 20 games, would seem to be a great way to learn a specific opening. The problem, is that this is not possible. To play a 20 game match, you have to play moves on a board and save the game 20 times, which is both time-consuming and awkward.

Overall Rating: [Rating 4.5 out of 5] Power Fritz 18 earns a solid rating for its impressive features, user-friendly design, and outstanding performance. Highly recommended for chess players of all skill levels. Chessbase has some work to do with respect to its chess engine tournament functionality but at its core, Power Fritz 18 delivers great value for its price.

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