Game #70 – My game against Viktors Pupols

My game against Viktors Pupols

Viktors Pupols is a legend in Seattle chess. He has won the Washington state chess championship multiple times and is almost always a participant in local tournaments. He is perhaps best know for his defeat of a young Bobby Fischer back in 1955.

I got to play Viktors in round four.

Washington Open – Round#4 – Playing Viktors Pupols

Game #70 - My game against Viktors Pupols

Post-game analysis

Play your game. No matter who you play in an over-the-board chess game, stick to your game plan. Viktors Pupols has been playing chess longer than I have been alive. At my level, there is very little chance of surprising him with something he has never seen before. Given these facts, it makes sense to play the King’s Indian Attack – it is an opening I’ve invested a lot of time in and I feel the most comfortable playing with it.

Always press for an advantage. Focus on development, but always try to gain space and maintain the initiative. This is particularly true when playing as white. Slow, passive moves will only help a stronger player get their grip on a position. The fact that I was always moving forward was the reason I was able to win this game.


For the first time in my amateur career, I was 4-0 with two rounds to go! Things were certainly going my way. But why was this? What was different about this tournament than others I had played in? The answer is – nothing. I don’t know why I played so well. My advice to any amateur player reading this blog is this: don’t “wait” to feel good about playing in a chess event – just play. You will surprise yourself, much in the same way I did in this tournament.

Viktors Pupols is a great player but I managed to notch a win against him. Will my luck continue to round five? Let’s see….

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