Game#69 – Defending in chess

Amateurs like to attack – that’s what we do. Defense is important too but it isn’t as exciting. We all have to overcome this misconception. Strong players know when to attack and when to defend. That’s because they objectively assess their situation and make the best move based on what the position demands.

In this game, I got outplayed early in the opening. I miscalculated a central pawn push which created a lot of problems for me. Chess is about space – the more squares you control, the more advantage you have. My opponent got some board real estate early in the game that translated to a kingside attack. To my credit, I realized I was worse and shifted my focus to defense. Defending in chess is every bit as important as being on the offensive, as this game demonstrates.

Defending in chess – Washington Open Round#3

My third win in a row! Now on to round four…

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