Millennium ChessGenius Pro 2024

Millennium ChessGenius Pro 2024

Introduction – the new Millennium ChessGenius Pro 2024

Chess has always been a game that combines strategy, skill, and intellect. Over the years, technology has seamlessly integrated with this centuries-old pastime, and today, we are witnessing the pinnacle of chess-playing computers and electronic boards. Millennium ChessGenius Pro 2024 is the latest innovation that has chess enthusiasts buzzing with excitement. Having previously reviewed other Millennium products such as the Eone and King Performance, I am thrilled to delve into the features and capabilities of this remarkable chess computer.

Thanks to the Chess House, I had the privilege of testing a demo model to provide you with an in-depth review. In this article, we will explore the design and layout, the LCD screen, the pieces, the board, playing strength, and finally, conclude with my thoughts on the ChessGenius Pro 2024.

Millennium ChessGenius Pro 2024

Design and Layout

The Millennium ChessGenius Pro 2024 is made of durable plastic, measuring approximately 8.5″ x 11.5 inches x 1″ thick. It features an ergonomic design with eight buttons on the face of the device, each serving a unique purpose:

Millennium ChessGenius Pro 2024

1. Power Button: Turns the computer on or puts it in “standby mode.” In standby mode, the current game is retained in memory and can be resumed later. There’s also a master kill switch located on the bottom of the computer for maximizing battery life.

2. Brightness Control: Allows you to adjust the LCD screen’s brightness to your preference.

3. Help Button: Provides the user with assistance and guidance on the next steps in the game.

4. New Game Button: Initiates a new game.

5. Red Button: Acts as a Back button, reverting to the previous LCD display. In playing modes, it cycles between “info” displays like clock times, move lists, and computer analysis.

6. Green Button: Serves as an ENTER key, confirming selections on the screen.

7. Directional Keys: These keys allow you to navigate through various menus. Up/Down cycles through lists of items, while Left/Right retraces moves and cycles through values, such as time controls.

The LCD Screen

Millennium ChessGenius Pro 2024

The Millennium ChessGenius Pro 2024 boasts a color LCD screen that provides comprehensive information during gameplay. Users can display the move list, position evaluation, the clock, and even the opening with ECO (Encyclopaedia of Chess Openings) code. The screen also showcases the current position on the board, with the computer’s moves being highlighted by blinking pieces. This visual aid helps players understand the game’s progress and strategy. For example, when the computer plays a move like e2-e4, the e2 pawn disappears, and the e4 piece blinks. Once pressure is applied to each square, the blinking ceases, and the LCD screen reveals the updated game position.

The Pieces

The Millennium ChessGenius Pro 2024 comes with a set of plastic Staunton-like magnetic pieces. These pieces resemble those used in the Eone but are smaller. The magnets in the pieces prevent them from falling over if the board is moved unexpectedly. While the pieces are not weighted, the magnets give them a weighted feel, enhancing the overall chess-playing experience. An extra queen for both sides is included in the set, and there is a drawstring bag for easy storage and portability.

The Board

The chessboard is made of plastic and is pressure-sensitive. This means that players must lightly apply pressure to each square before moving or capturing a piece. Each square on the board is labeled, serving as a reference for beginners who are learning algebraic chess notation. While some may find the labels distracting initially, they are invaluable for beginners and provide a reference for placing the correct color pieces on the appropriate starting squares. Unlike other e-boards, the Millennium ChessGenius Pro 2024 does not use LED lights, relying solely on the LCD screen for visual feedback.

Playing Strength

One of the standout features of the Millennium ChessGenius Pro 2024 is its adaptable playing strength. It offers several difficulty levels, making it suitable for players of varying skill levels. The ChessGenius Pro 2024 is advertised as having an ELO rating of 2200, and it lives up to this claim during gameplay. To further test its prowess, I pitted it against a software program with similar playing strength : K-Chess. The Millennium ChessGenius Pro 2024 demonstrated its mettle by performing impressively at a level comparable to its ELO rating.

I also paired it against ChessMaster XI, using the Rand personality, which has a 2200 playing strength.

While it may not be able to outmatch top commercial chess engines, that’s not its intended purpose. The ChessGenius Pro 2024 is designed to challenge players who are below master level, but even a master-level player will find it to be a formidable opponent.


The Millennium ChessGenius Pro 2024 is a fantastic playing aid for chess enthusiasts of all levels. Its flexibility in adjusting playing strength and opening choices ensures that it can provide hours of enjoyment and growth for any player. Priced under $200, it offers incredible value for its features and capabilities. If you’re looking to enhance your chess skills and enjoy countless engaging matches, the ChessGenius Pro 2024 is a wise investment. You can purchase it at the Chess House using the link below:

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